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yesterday i dreamt:

i was playing this bad ass 3D game that invovled you going into the game, and I was holding a plastic laser gun that had like blue sand in a vial attached to it that represented your lifes, and a yellow one under it was your ammo. Then my "team" was the cartoon south park guys, cartoon nijas, and poeple i've never met. Then we where walking in all this snow, in a virtual cartoon land ,that turned real, and we where attacked by a gang of people who i've never met, and they were like shotting us with red lasers and i looked down and my life force was going doen, then i preformed these bad ass flips, and rolls and stuff i could never do in real life, and then i started to shoot back ,and stuff, it went on like that threw out the whole time, and then i woke up all confused.
I think on like sun or sat i dreamt that i was in a haunted place, and then that there where like 4 rapotors about to eat me,but then i forced myself to wake up cuz i was scared, and then that's when i heard grandma cry out for help cuz papo fell, mona.

Yeah i'll put out the word for this community k!
Oh yeah, no wet dreams in this community, okay! and that means you mona!!!!
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