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last night i had a dream about luis. It started out that i am in Mel's house, and then i am taking care of Mia, and we ate and stuff, i'll skip to the cool part, anyways i had this black cell phone, and then someone called me, and it was luis, suddenly he was there talking to me, but the thing was mia was asleep in the next room so i was all shhhh to him.

Anyhow we where talking and i was all go out with me, and he was all no cuz it would never work out, and i was all so you don't love me, and he was all like dont get into that, and i got mad, and he hugged me and was all yeah i do, but no one would understand. We hugged each other and he was all nice to me, and then mia woke up and he like dissapeared with isn't werid to me in a dream i gues, and mia started bitching that she wanted to eat and all i was so mad cuz she made luis go away and then i woke up, cuz bella woke me up, it was time to got to school, well g2g bye!!!
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